The aim of ANT Live is to enable all Australians to enjoy, criticise and participate in the development of our artistic heritage and to give everyone an equal opportunity to share great Australian stories and witness great Australian performances without the restrictions of time, money or distance.

You can be assured, any gift or contribution you can offer will help us make our cities and communities across the country, a creative place to live and work.

Through ANT Live, we plan to collaborate with local schools, community groups, musical and theatrical societies, to build relationships and offer new artistic experiences. Our principle purpose is to inspire, encourage and promote artistic achievement at every level of our society and in every location, be it in major metropolitan centres or the bush.

As individuals, company’s or charitable trusts, there are several ways that you can support us at ANT Live.

As donors to particular filmed performances, your contribution will be recognised with complimentary tickets, and an on-screen credit and your name listed on our website as an ANT Live patron.

As sponsor, your name, or your company’s name and logo will feature onscreen. It will be prominent at ANT Live functions and special occasions and be included in selected marketing and advertising material.

Charitable Trusts or Foundations are also welcome to support ANT Live and will be entitled to enjoy special benefits and play an important role in encouraging and promoting Australian stories to rural, remote and regional areas.

As an investor, you will be entitled to high profile status on the opening and closing credits to a filmed performance.  Your investment will be a valued contribution to the production and distribution of each film with, hopefully, significant returns.

In each instance, you, your company, trust or foundation will have welcome access to unique hospitality opportunities and a chance to connect with our creative teams at various functions, premiere’s and events.

By supporting ANT Live in any capacity, you will be at the very heart of a most exciting, new , and innovative ventures in this country’s live performance industry.

We are always available to discuss ways in which you can support us.

To discuss your contribution, please contact us on (02) 9555 4476 or email.