Australian National Theatre – Live, is the inspiration of its directors,
Grant Dodwell, Raj Sidhu and Peter Hiscock.

Grant has long been a passionate advocate for Australian theatre and live performance, first registering the name, Australian Theatre Online, almost a decade ago. He was one of the first to understand how advances in digital technologies, film production and distribution could impact the live performance industry. No longer would great theatrical performances only live within a narrow timeframe in major metropolitan centres, now they could be recorded and distributed to a wider population in rural and regional Australia.

 Now, terrific performances live forever and are seen by a much greater audience. The boost to the industry in terms of box office sales and employment for actors, writers, designers and directors is obvious.

In 2010, actor writer and producer, Raj Sidhu, and long time friend Peter Hiscock, a film and television producer with many years experience,  joined with Grant to create Australian National Theatre Live.

Since then, ANT Live has negotiated agreements with theatre companies, writers, actors, unions, broadcasters, arts centres and cinemas around the country to film, produce and distribute high quality digital content featuring our best writers and performers.

When our first production, the Ensemble Theatre’s, “Liberty Equality Fraternity”, by Geoffrey Atherden, was eventually screened in Caloundra in Queensland, the audience were enthusiastic:

“I think the concept is fantastic ..”

“That was so good. It’s all so possible ..”

“The live performance comes through even though you’re looking at a movie ..”

“The concept of filming plays is wonderful because not all of us can get to Sydney or Melbourne ..”

“I felt as though I was there ..”

“The camerawork was great the filming was great, it was excellent ..”

“Absolutely brilliant , I hope it catches on and there’ll be more ..”

“When’s the next one, bring it on”.

Grant, Raj and Peter, have a great respect and understanding of the craft and conventions of both the film and theatrical world and, with ANT Live, have found a way of capturing great theatrical performances on film without compromising the “live” experience enjoyed by theatre-lovers in person.

Indeed many say, the experience is even better.

See for yourself when an ANT Live film comes to a cinema near you.